©Zuzanna Loch
Project enacted as part of the Artsemestr exhibition at UMPRUM, Prague

People deal with people. We surround ourselves with friends, family and colleagues. Yet the character and range of interpersonal relations happens to be extremely limited. We talk and chat about more, or less, significant matters, but we're scared to look in each others eyes or hold hands. What comes with age is some kind of untouchability. Dotc. is a team game designed to allow adult people to try out that lost type of contact with the other person. It aims to enrich the relations between the two partners who make a team. It is based on cooperation, communication and trust. The key to success is to listen to your partner and try to be as helpful as possible. Talking through your hands and trying to listen to the movements; becoming one, working organism.

This is a project I did during my period of studying at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague.