©Zuzanna Loch
Being Consumed is a Tricky Pleasure
Video Installation | Graduation project

Human is commodity, one for which, at the end of the day everyone longs. When all life needs are met 2018 by app-based systems like Uber, Foodora or Tinder, why do we not have one that covers all the functions a human has to offer? From social interaction, sexual activity or intellectual support, ending with fertility and organ donation - an individual can satisfy a whole range of needs.

The project explores the broad area of hyper-objectification. I’m inviting the visitor into a grotesque sci-fi scenario, in which a person is seen as a collection of assets and body parts and their value is determined by functionality.

Being Consumed is a Tricky Pleasure has been exhibited and presented at the Graduation Festival of the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, Garage Rotterdam Gallery and the Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts (LT)